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University Betterment Funding

One of the main goals of the SOAR Program is to increase the quality of classroom instruction through the use of state-of-the-art technology and equipment. SOAR plans to award funds for the upgrade and renovation of ten classrooms and/or laboratories by the year 2016. The upgrades will assist our faculty in providing more effective instruction to students in a more collaborative, team-type environment.

Who can apply?

Any faculty or staff member in the Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics areas may apply for university betterment funds.

What do I need to apply?

  • Submit completed proposal, with attached quote
  • Signature of respective department chair and dean needed in order to qualify for consideration

How will the funds be awarded and how much can I be awarded?

The SOAR University Betterment Committee, which includes SOAR Program personnel and a representative from each of the STEM departments, will review all applications and proposals on a bi-annual basis in the months of January and July. All applications wishing to be considered for review in the month of January will have a deadline of December 1st. Those wishing to be considered for July review will have a deadline of June 1st. Each proposal may have a maximum award amount of $20,000.

For more information regarding the SOAR University Betterment Program, please contact Leslee Schauer at (361) 825-2105 or in Glasscock, 151C.