SOAR Undergraduate Research Exploration

The S.U.R.E. Research application is currently closed.

Job Qualifications:

· Must be a SOAR cohort member for one semester before applying

· Must be able to make a commitment to work as a researcher fall, spring, and summer semesters

· A professor must already be identified and must have already agreed to support your research commitment

· Must submit 2 Letters of Recommendation

            *one letter must be from the professor with whom you are going to work

            *one letter can be from any professor on campus

· 2.85 GPA or higher      

· Sophomore or above

· US Citizen/Permanent Resident

· STEM Major

· Able to work independently

· Good writing skills


Job Duties:

· Conduct up to 15 hours of research per week under the direction of a faculty mentor

· Meet weekly or as needed with faculty mentor

· Thoroughly complete and submit Biweekly Activity Reports

· Complete and submit an online End of Semester Survey

· Complete and submit a Research Action Plan (RAP) at the end of the fall semester

· Complete and submit a Research Abstract at the end of the spring semester

· Complete and submit a poster representing your research at the end of the summer semester

· Complete and submit a video testimonial and a post conference essay regarding conference experience

· Complete and submit a signed timesheet and online TimeTraq on a biweekly basis

· Complete IRB Training


Job Expectations:

· Be a member of the SOAR cohort and fulfill all monthly recommendations to remain in good standing

· Attend mandatory orientation/training meeting before start of semester

· Complete mandatory online training through TrainTraq within 14 days of hire date

· Attend mandatory training meetings throughout each semester

· Present at one STEM related conference during the term research is being conducted     

*Conference must take place prior to September 1, 2016.  The researcher must  remain in good standing with the SOAR cohort to receive travel funding for the conference.

· Attend mandatory travel orientation with the Business Support Specialist before attending the conference

· Students must complete an Employee Evaluation every semester they work as a researcher.        

Continued employment will be contingent on researcher’s faculty evaluation, compliance with their job description, and compliance with the SOAR cohort agreement.

· Students must attend the Undergraduate Research Symposium as a presenter or volunteer

Job Benefits:

· Can receive up to a $400.00 supply stipend to purchase supplies for research

· Can receive funding to present research at a STEM related conference

· Researcher receives valuable research and conference experience and the possibility of recommendations for future career endeavors


Job Logistics:

· Work up to 15 hours per week

· $10.00/hourly


Contact Information:

Biology, Environmental Science, Geology, Mechanical Engineering, or Mathematics

Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, or Geographical Information Science

Christopher Wren- 361-825-2472 or christopher.wren@tamucc.edu Deshawna Colvin- 361-825-2289 or deshawna.colvin@tamucc.edu